As a natural Psychic Medium, I wish to encourage, listen and cast light wherever there is any darkness or doubt. I always look for the positive in every situation and I never judge. I will work closely with you to help deal with any issued that you may be facing in a clear and helpful manner.

I can give you a reading that will:


Those who have passed over, usually come in with some proof as to who they are, and often want to let you know that they are ok in the Spirit World and bring you love, comfort and hope. They try to answer any questions that you have and often
give proof that they have been around you many times since their passing, bringing you encouragement and guidance.


I can bring clarity in a Love Relationship situation, giving insight into the reasons for any problems and help you to see where to turn to next, giving hope during confusion and hurt. I can unravel any past-life relationships which often leave us with deeper wounds and with a deeper sense of confusion.


If Spirit have no way of contacting you, and they wish to bring you guidance or some precognitive information, they often make an attempt via your dreams. Whilst sleeping, the sub-conscious mind is switched off which makes it easier for a connection. These dreams can be confusing if you are unable to understand the language of Spirit. They hold a message which I can help you to interpret.



It has taken me many years to comprehend Karma, reincarnation and their origins, and I am still learning. I approached many people to try to establish why everything in my life suddenly went wrong, but no-one could help or understood. So, armed only with a weak link to my Guiding Influence at that point, a book on 'Egyptian Myths and Legends' and 'The Bible', I eventually unravelled the complexities myself. That wisdom is now to be shared. Wanting to know your Karmic obligations and trying to do something about them, is not for everyone. It takes a deep and understanding mind that thirsts for knowledge, but it's a fascinating journey.

Introduction to KARMA

What Is It? How does it affect us? Why is it there?